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1800 Club Condominium Pleased to Have Hired Clem Janes Utility Auditors

Board President sends Letter of Recommendation after Islander Club Condo receives audit results

Country Lane Condominium recoups over 100K in utility costs after audit by Clem Janes

Board President Frank Wesolowski’s testimonial letter sums up our work for his condominium perfectly. It was a long drawn out fight, but in the end the audit documentation proved the case for a six digit refund from the Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department. Could your condominium or commercial building be paying utility overcharges and you don’t even know it? Maybe it is time to contact Clem Janes & Associates and find out!

Porto Bellagio Condominium saving over $50K

“The Porto Bellagio Condominium in Sunny Isles received great results from their Energy Audit performed by Clem Janes over the summer” said Bill Dalton, President of Clem Janes & Associates and a Certified Energy Auditor. “They are going to save just over $50K in utility costs over the next 12 months after we completed 5 weeks of testing and analysis of the 500 unit condo’s 4 buildings” Mr. Dalton added.

Quayside Tower II Recommends Clem Janes & Associates

The Ivy Condominium Testimonial

Dear Mr. Dalton,

Through this letter I would like to formally thank you for all the work and effort you put on pursuing a rate change with the WASD for our building, The Ivy. 

The professionalism and sense of urgency that you displayed while handling our rate change request left a very good impression with our management team and the board of directors. 
Your continued follow-up and diligence ensured that we achieved savings faster than I ever imagined! 

As a result of your work we are now saving approximately $15,000 a month on water expenditures.

We are now able to use that money for many other board projects without having any impact on our annual budget.  The ONLY thing I regret is not hiring you sooner!  Thank you so much for your help and all your work!

Best Regards,
Marcelo Suarez
President, Board of Directors
The Ivy

Quayside Tower 1 savings add up to over $25K

Quayside Tower 1 General Manager provides letter of recommendation to Clem Janes & Associates after savings are to surpass $25,000 in the first year and will continue each and every year after.

2 & 4 Midtown Miami Condominiums

Clem Janes & Associates recently completed ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audits at the two Midtown Miami Condominium Hi-Rise Towers in the Miami Design District. The condominium board and owners were amazed with the audit results and the subsequent cost reductions in their utility expenses. A testimonial letter of recommendation was provided to Clem Janes & Associates detailing some of the extraordinary savings we accomplished as a result of our audits.

A recent Miami Herald front page article focused on the Midtown Miami area and in the photograph are the 2 and 4 Midtown Miami Condominium hi-rise towers that were audited by Clem Janes & Associates.

The Testimonial Letter:

La Parisienne Bakery, Miami

Rural Neighborhoods, Inc., Homestead

“I am pleased to recommend William “Bill” Dalton to you… his contributions to our operations have been significant and the financial return considerate. Bill has proved himself well qualified in both ‘big picture’ systems analysis as well as ‘little picture’ solutions to routine items. ... his analysis of our utility and waste service contracts led to our recouping an estimated $25,000 in overcharges by Florida Power & Light and the accrual of $35,000 in annual savings for trash and waste removal… His prowess at tackling diverse assignments is evidenced through his supervision of external contractors engaged in lift station and sewer maintenance… He has the highest integrity, strong communication skills…”


Steven Kirk, President
Everglades Housing Group
Rural Neighborhoods, Inc.

Williams Island, Aventura

“I am pleased to submit this letter of verification on behalf of Mr. William Dalton. Mr. Dalton was employed as the Director of Engineering for Williams Island from August 1999 through July 2002. In this position, Mr. Dalton effectively managed a technically diverse department that dealt with all aspects of property and physical plant maintenance for Williams Island. Mr. Dalton’s job performance consistently met the high standards that are the hallmark of Williams Island. He analyzed utility consumption by facility and made recommendations to decrease expenses; prepared bid requests and wrote contracts; supervised contractors and outside vendors…”

“In summary, Mr. Dalton performed his duties and responsibilities with a high degree of professionalism and competency.”


Alan M. Matus
President & CEO
Williams Island