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Service Contracts

Whether your real estate operation calls for one or a dozen service contractors there are undoubtedly hidden savings in the monthly costs. This is where a company like Clem Janes can be of great financial benefit to a business owner or real estate operations manager. We do a job for you and do not add payroll and benefits expenses to your already strained budget. 

We do our evaluation at no-charge to you until we produce verifiable (by you) savings. We are paid our fee from the savings when you receive them. The bottom line is there is no out of pocket expense for our service and you are able to reduce your operating costs.

We have worked with just about every type of service provider that would serve a hotel, luxury hi-rise apartment, housing development, commercial and industrial business, restaurant, etc. We have successfully negotiated with solid waste contractors, elevator contractors, HVAC contractors, fire/ life safety equipment contractors, landscaping contractors, pest control contractors, cable TV/ broadband service companies, appliance repair contractors, and even sewage lift station maintenance contractors.

If there is a service you have that we did not mention above, we have probably worked with the provider at some point in our 30 years of experience. We believe a contractor has the right to earn a fair wage for a good job. We do not believe a contractor has a right to overcharge for their services. We always work very hard to make sure you pay a fair price for a good job.

Fax us your service contracts and let us review them before you enter into an agreement with us. We will give you our honest appraisal of them without you signing our agreement! Our fax is 305-957-7246 or you can email them to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). All client documents sent to us are held in the strictest confidence.