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Sophisticated telecommunications auditing requires access to telecom records that the customer does not receive with their monthly bill. These records make it possible to evaluate the true costs of your service without all the plans, fees and taxes added in. These records are obtainable by our auditors after the customer gives us “Authorization” to retrieve them.

Because telecom is a deregulated industry, there are many bait and switch or “slamming” schemes that are being perpetrated on businesses and commercial properties almost daily. Clem Janes does not participate in those kinds of schemes and will not do business with any firm that does. Our reputation is paramount to our long term goal of growing our business nationwide and we will not risk it for a few dollars of so-called savings.

When we perform the telecom audit it is being done by trained telecom account executives that have many years of experience handling large telephone accounts. You can rest assured that our telecom recommendation to you will be based on solid analysis using only credible telecom service providers.