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Areas We Offer Auditing Services

Clem Janes Services
  * Energy Auditing
  * Load Studies
  * Rate Schedule Analysis
  * Monitor & Record Energy Usage
  * Energy / Power Measurement and Verification Studies
  * Demand Profiling and Trending
  * Energy Forecasting Usage
  * LEED Consulting
  * Energy Star Certification

What You’ll Want to Know Before Hiring an Auditor

Before hiring an auditor, be sure to ask what certifications they hold, what kind of training they have undergone, and what their audit will entail. Bringing in a Certified Energy Auditor (R) like Clem Janes & Associates gives you the immediate benefit of reducing utility costs and often recovering overcharges by utility companies. You also get the peace of mind knowing you are paying a trained professional a fair rate for the various contracted services used in your building.

We can work with you in several ways:
- a contingency based utilities audit done at no up front cost to you
- a fee based ENERGY STAR Audit based on a quoted price
- a fee based LEED Certification Projectbased on a contract price
- a fee based ASHRAE Energy Audit based on the square footage of your building
In the contingency based audit we only get a fee when we save you money. You receive verifiable and documented savings in your monthly costs or there is no charge for our service at all. The best part is we are compensated after you receive the refund or savings so you don’t pay us from your current operating funds.

We are qualified to audit both utilities and contracted services. We have performed audits on the following utilities: electric, water & sewer, gas (natural or propane), telecom, CATV, broadband, etc.  We have also been successful in reducing expenses for contracted services in the areas of solid waste (trash), elevator maintenance, landscaping, pool maintenance, pest control, HVAC maintenance, etc.

Please follow the utilities and services links above to view further information about the specific areas we audit.

As an added incentive when you engage Clem Janes & Associates to do a full service performance based analysis at your property we include an ASHRAE Level I energy audit by a Certified Energy Auditor (R) at no charge. This service is valued between $1,500 - $5,000 and sometimes more depending on the size of the facility.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) identifies three levels of energy audits:

  Level I - Walk-through Assessment: energy bills are analyzed and, usually a brief visual survey of the facility is conducted. The subsequent report identifies no-cost and low-cost opportunities. This is the least costly of the three levels.
  Level II - Energy Survey and Analysis: a more detailed analysis is conducted, including a breakdown of how energy is used within the building. Recommendations consider an owner’s operations and maintenance, constraints, and economic criteria. Potential capital-intensive opportunities are identified in the final report for further research and analysis. This is the typical level of audit.
  Level III - Detailed Analysis of Capital-Intensive Modifications (Investment-grade Audit): this analysis focuses on capital-intensive opportunities and provides a higher degree of monitoring, data collection, and engineering analysis. The report includes detailed cost and savings information with a high-level of confidence sufficient for major capital investment decisions, and may include a reasonable timeline for implementation of each recommendation.

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We stand behind our work and are proud to offer a 100% guarantee of our results.