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About Us

Clem Janes & Associates was founded in 2004 by Bill Dalton to put his extensive utilities, facilities and expense accounting knowledge to work helping others. The firm helps businesses operate more efficiently by reducing their utility consumption and expenses thus improving their bottom line. We also help businesses reduce their carbon footprint by lowering greenhouse gas emissions through our LEED® Certification projects.

Clem Janes & Associates is an Energy Savings Performance Contractor (ESPC) whose area of expertise is auditing real estate operations. Working with an ESPC benefits businesses because the ESPC pays all the costs involved in identifying areas to reduce costs.

The ESPC is then compensated by receiving a share of the cost savings resulting from their work over a set term. At the end of the set term, the customer then receives 100% of the savings.

We meet a growing need by condominium and apartment buildings, commercial office buildings and manufacturers in lowering the ever increasing costs of utilities and contracted services.

About Bill
Bill began working in the electrical utility industry in the late 1970’s. Through continuous job advancement over his 15 years in the utility sector he ended his career designing and commissioning electrical power line and substation systems. His experience and knowledge covers all aspects of the electrical utility industry.

Bill later applied his understanding of electrical engineering to the field of hospitality facilities maintenance when he became the Chief Engineer for the prestigious 203 room Cheeca Lodge Resort and Spa located in the Florida Keys. While at Cheeca Lodge, Bill became a Certified Engineering Operations Executive and a certified Aquatic Facility Operator after completing rigorous examinations.

Bill left Cheeca Lodge to become the Director of Engineering and Customer Service at the exclusive Williams Island in Aventura, FL. During his tenure at Williams Island, Bill reduced operating expenses through vigorous negotiation of service contracts and audited the many utility accounts eliminating overcharges.

Bill later worked as the Director of Facilities for Rural Neighborhoods, Inc. and their property management arm, Everglades Housing Group. This company owned and operated housing developments on both the East and West coasts of Florida near Tampa, Okeechobee, Port St. Lucie, Naples, and in South Dade. Bill negotiated service contracts, monitored utility and maintenance expenses, and managed and commissioned capital improvement projects for the ownership. At one of their housing developments Bill recovered just over $20,000 in overcharges from FPL and reduced the solid waste contract cost by $35,000 annually.

Bill holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Professional Administration from Barry University and is certified by Miami Dade College as an Advanced Quickbooks Accounting Specialist. Most recently Bill qualified for the Association of Energy Engineers ‘Certified Energy Auditors’ program and passed the exam to earn the prestigious Certified Energy Auditor® designation.

Bill’s combined 30 years of hands on experience in utilities and facilities maintenance in reducing utility costs and managing service contracts qualify him to oversee the analysis of your property’s expenses to find savings opportunities.

His knowledge, experience and understanding of operating costs, budgets, and profit and loss statements make him a formidable negotiator when talking dollars and cents with your service providers. Clem Janes & Associates is a comprehensive cost analysis and auditing firm that specializes in utilities and contracted services.

Certifications/Designations held and year Achieved:

USGBC LEED® Green Associate - 2010

AEE Association of Energy Engineers, Certified Energy Auditor® - 2009
Quickbooks Pro Advanced Accounting Specialist, Miami Dade College - 2008
Bachelor of Science Professional Administration, Barry University - 2004
CEOE Certified Engineering Operations Executive - 1997
AFO Aquatic Facility Operator - 1997
NRI Basic Electronics - 1986
IBEW Journeyman Electrical Lineman - 1980

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