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Recent utility audits at Fort Lauderdale and North Miami Condominiums found over 13K per year in utility cost savings at each property. One of the condos reduced their water usage by 60% per month as a result of the audit!

Clem Janes President Bill Dalton recently testified as an Expert Witness in high powered Miami elections trial. Judge specifically cites Mr. Dalton’s testimony in his verdict. To read more click here

Clem Janes completes 2nd audit in 8 years at Two Midtown Miami Condominium and finds over 200K savings on utilities

If your hi-rise water bill is over $15,000 or you are on the new Mixed Use Rate you may be needlessly overpaying. Contact us about an audit and possible refund now at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Miami’s Vizcayne Condominium, a luxury twin tower 49 story hi-rise condo, contracts with Clem Janes. To read more click here

42 story 1800 Club Condo contracts with Clem Janes for shared savings energy audit. To read more click here

ALERT!! Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department recently began auditing hi-rise condominiums for water consumption which can lead to tremendous increases in your monthly bill and backcharges. If your hi-rise water bill is over $15,000 you may be overpaying. Contact us about an audit and possible refund now at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Clem Janes in partnership with Wilson & Girgenti Professional Engineers from Tampa are now performing State of Florida required Energy Performance Analysis (EPA) studies. If you have commercial office space and want to lease it to the State of Florida you are now required to have an Energy Performance Analysis performed on the proposed space. Contact us about an Energy Performance Analysis now at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Over $1,200,000 combined 1st year savings achieved after audits at 1800 Club, Country Lane Condominium, The Ivy Condominium, Quayside Tower 1 and Tower 2, Porto Bellagio Condominium on Sunny Isles, and The Club at Brickell Bay!

“We do not simply look at past bills and try to find overcharges as “utility bill analysts” do.” says Bill Dalton, CEA - President of Clem Janes & Assoc. “We know that the best energy savings and cost reductions for our clients are found by understanding how their building operates and knowing how to make it more efficient. Our audit results often require little, if any, capital investment and and can account for reductions up to 28% in a building’s total energy cost. Monitoring consumption levels is the first step in identifying where usage levels are highest. This provides actionable information to the building owners and identifies where energy saving opportunities can be found.”

As Certified Energy Auditors® we are trained and qualified to use sophisticated digital data recorders that allow us to capture usage information for long periods of time. We then download the data to our computers and analyze it to find the best ways to lower your utility costs and usage going forward. One of our clients just realized a 16.5% energy cost savings for the first month after the audit. Could you benefit from a 16.5% energy cost savings in your building?

If your building energy usage profile looks the graph below you could be wasting thousands of dollars a month overpaying for electric! Call us to check your profile today.

Certified Energy Auditors® use technical instruments and software like Dent Instruments ELOG to analyze kilowatt demand and consumption. We measure entire buildings down to individual pieces of equipment to find the best ways to conserve energy.

As a building owner or board member you should ask your self;

• “Does my property manager know how to perform the tests and analyses Certified Energy Auditors® do?

• Do they have the specialized test equipment like a combustion analyzer to determine if the boilers are operating at only minimum efficiency?

• Do they have access to expensive computerized data logging equipment to determine power factor, amperage, kWh, and run-time of large pieces of machinery in order to perform efficiency analysis?”

Property managers have a lot on their plate already and should not be expected to know how to make these analyses. Often the building continues to pay more than they should for utilities as a result.

Times are tough for all of us and we will perform this analysis at no charge or risk to you on the basis if we are able to lower your costs, we earn our fee. If we find no savings, you owe us nothing. There is no other obligation or risk to you.

The Miami-Dade Green Business Certification Program is a wonderful opportunity to implement green practices, receive on-site technical assistance, join the green business community and receive recognition from Miami-Dade County.

Many businesses in Miami-Dade County have taken steps to incorporate sustainable practices into their operations, therefore improving performance and achieving operational cost savings.

Some benefits to greening business operations include:

• 15-30% savings on cleaning costs

• 35% in energy savings

• 20-60% in water savings

Until now, customers have had no way of recognizing which businesses are going green. So Miami-Dade County has developed the Green Business Certification Program in order to recognize green businesses in our community.

Join a growing number of businesses that are improving the local economy, environment and quality of life, while saving money. Contact us or click here Miami-Dade Green Business Program to see whether your business qualifies for this program!

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Takes Action Against Companies Soliciting Fake Energy Audits

Enough is enough said the State of Florida when they filed suit against firms and people offering fake energy audits over the phone. The individuals were not Certified Energy Auditors ® and were tricking people into thinking they were going to get an energy audit, when in reality they got a utility bill audit. Read more here: Florida Department of Consumer Services

Occasionally we send out letters to condominiums and commercial buildings that suggest they are probably overpaying for their utilities, but we offer a real energy audit by a Certified Energy Auditor ® and not a fake audit. This suggestion is based on years of audits of similar South Florida buildings. We encourage them to engage our service either through a fee based audit or a no cost shared savings audit. With our services building owners receive the equivalent of an ASHRAE Level I energy audit at no up front cost if they select the shared savings audit.

Recently three buildings responded and engaged our service. The Ivy Condominium (504 units) managed by the Continental Group and located in downtown Miami, Quayside Tower 1 (216 units) in North Miami and The Club at Brickell Bay (643 units). You can read more about their results on our news page.

Certified Energy Auditor® Professionals use Technical Equipment and Methodologies to determine cost saving strategies like the following:

• Equipment efficiency analysis (electric and gas combustion)

• Systems operational analysis

• Water savings via submetering of individual units

• Demand side management strategies

• Power factor correction

• Load factor and utility rate analysis

• Consumption analysis

• Recording of various utility usage with dataloggers

We offer our services two ways; a fee based audit and a no upfront cost audit. The fee based audit is based on the square feet of the building. The other audit, the “no upfront cost” or contingency fee audit, is set up so we only get paid if we produce documented savings. We earn our fee out of the savings for a set term. After the term ends the savings are 100% yours. You have nothing to lose and there is no risk.

To arrange a free assessment please contact us at 305-467-3813 or email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to find out if your building could lower its utility costs by thousands of dollars per month now..

We are pleased to provide references on our Testimonials page for you to verify the quality of our work.

Please review our “Services” section for a more detailed explanation of the areas in which we work and then call us for an appointment.

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